Criminal Defense

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The Law Office of Michael Rehm provides representation on all criminal defense matters in Yolo County.  The following list shows the most common crimes in Yolo County Criminal Court and the common defenses:

Assault – Self Defense, Defense of Others, “Mutual Combat”

Drug/ Weapon Possession – illegal search, lack of knowledge, legal right to possess.

Drug Sales – this crime is tough to prove due to the intent factor. Many times Miranda rights become important in these matters due to unlawful confessions.

Domestic Violence – basically the same defenses as Assault, but with much higher incidences of false accusations.

Resisting Arrest/Battery on a peace office – self-defense, defense of others or false accusations.

Every criminal case is unique, therefore there is no standard rule on how to defend each type of case. Whether the individual has a criminal record, the overall character of the accused can play a great role in these cases. Contact Michael Rehm at (916) 233-7346 for a free consultation to find out what defenses you potentially have.


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