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ATTN: As of February 2016, Michael Rehm is no longer providing representation on any traffic citation that is not a misdemeanor or felony. Therefore, if you have an infraction, Michael Rehm will not be able to provide representation. Of course, if you would like a referral to an attorney, or just general information, Michael Rehm will continue to provide free consultations as a courtesy to the public.  Attorney Michael Rehm will continue to provide representation on all DUI and Criminal Defense related matters, and has also expanded his practice to include Personal Injury and Accident matters.

Yolo County Traffic Lawyer Michael Rehm regularly defends traffic offenses in Department 10 of the Yolo County Superior Court.  Traffic offenses, although viewed as relatively trivial, can have serious consequences.  If you are a commercial driver or you have already accumulated points on your driving record, you are especially in need of assistance.  The following list shows the common traffic offenses and the desired outcome, if an outright dismissal is not available.

Speeding – if it cannot be dismissed, a resolution for a non-moving violation is the goal.

Excess of 100 mph – a reduction to a regular speeding with the option for traffic school is always the goal, short of an outright dismissal.

Driving on a Suspended License/Driving without a license – these are misdemeanor matters that somehow get grouped in with other traffic offenses. A conviction can come with a criminal record and/or jail time (work project).  It is imperative to get these charges reduced to infractions.

Exhibition of speed – another misdemeanor charge where the goal is to have reduced to an infraction.

As in criminal law and DUI defense, each case has its own set of facts, and it will have its own particular defense.  Contact Michael Rehm at (916) 233-7346 for a free consultation to discuss your matter.

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